Minutes of Meeting 16th September 2015

Minutes of Meeting of Orcop Parish Council Wednesday 16th September 2015 7.30pm at Orcop Village Hall

Present: Chairman Cllr Ben Thomas, Cllr Ian Garlick, Cllr Richard Watkins & Cllr Jane Rigler,

1. Apologies for absence Cllr Bob Davies & Cllr Dave Jones

In Attendance: Kath Greenow Parish Clerk, Ward Cllr David Harlow, B/B Locality Officer Dave Atkinson and 3 parishioners

2. To receive declarations of interest and consider dispensation requests on agenda items. Cllr J Rigler declared an interest on agenda item 14 Finance-reimbursement of parking for attending a training event.

It was RESOLVED to: agree and sign the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 15/07/2015 as a true record of the meeting

4. Public Forum

4.1 Ward Cllrs report.
Cllr Harlow had emailed his report to the clerk which had been distributed to Cllrs
Key points – Herefordshire Council budget consultation, Tump lane Much Birch Parish road traffic incident update, Planning committee meeting 16/09/2015 re Land at Etna Orcop Hill Much Dewchurch. He also highlighted about Orcop undertaking a Neighbourhood planning and the Parish Council advised the ward Cllr that they would not be doing a Neighbourhood plan. In response to speeding issues raised in the parish he also spoke about Speed Indicator Devices that some PC’s had hired and in some instances purchased.

4.2 Residents views on parish matters .No parish issues raised.
Parishioner informed the Cllrs that a funding event hosted by Herefordshire Council had taken place in Hereford. Some funding was available for funding community projects. This was noted by the Parish Council.
Clerk to email Cllr Rigler contact details of Herefordshire Council community projects officer who is able to assist with funding for village hall projects. A question was asked by a parishioner concerning the adopted phone box at Copywell. The clerk explained that the PC had decided to place an information board and shelving inside the phone box for a community book exchange.
Parishioners present at the meeting offered to provide the materials required and undertake the work required to install the information board and shelving for the books.
This was accepted by the Parish Council.

5. Clerks report

The clerk reported that The Fountain Inn Planning Appeal had taken place on 11/08/2015.
The clerk advised that she had received the planning inspector’s decision and that the appeal had been dismissed
Village sign- The clerk had contacted the locality officer concerning wording, size and costing for village sign. Agenda item next meeting

6.To receive update report on good neighbourhood scheme

Cllr Rigler gave an update on progress to date. The scheme that was being looked at was a multi village scheme and Cllr Rigler was visiting other PC’s to seek ideas for the good neighbour scheme. To date 5 people had contact Cllr Rigler to offer help with the scheme. There is currently funding for the scheme of up to £25k over 3 years.

7. To consider Herefordshire Council’s proposal concerning Community Governance review. Noted

8. Footpaths

8.1 To consider footpaths report from Footpaths Officer
It was RESOLVED that the clerk contact Enviroability of Ross .Who were an organization that helped with footpaths clearance. Clerk to liaise with footpaths officer and locality officer concerning work required as identified in the footpaths report.

9. Lengthsman

9.1 To note Annual Plan expenditure Noted
9.2 To consider ditching work to be undertaken by lengthsman
It was RESOLVED that: The cleaning out of ditches at the following locations is required. The C1235 just before the garage on Orcop Hill where there have been flooding issues in the past The C1235 road (at the other end near to Bagwylydiart near to Merrifolde some attention is required due to flooding on the road.

10. Highways Issues

10.1 To consider highways issues for reporting to Balfour Beatty Locality Officer
Japanese knot weed – identified in areas of the parish had been treated .Some other areas in the parish where Japanese knot weed had been reported and had been sprayed had started to show signs of coming back. The locality officer would inspect the areas concerned again
Garway Hill area –Railings at Black Pits area- this was an ongoing problem that B/B were trying to resolve .Barriers had been erected to keep road users safe as there was quite a drop off the highway

11. To consider Draft Financial regulations

It was RESOLVED to: adopted new Financial Regulations

12. To consider draft Model Publications Scheme policy

It was RESOLVED to: adopted Model Publications Scheme

13. To consider new Parish Council Website

It was RESOLVED that: The clerk look in obtaining a new website for the Parish Council

14. Finance

14.1 To note bank balance Bank balance noted as £9679.21
14.2 It was RESOLVED to Pay:
Cllr Rigler re imbursement for Parking- training at Halc £4.00
D.C. Gardening Services £240.00+VAT
HALC invoice for Training (Crystal Clear) £25.00 +VAT
14.3 To consider initial thoughts on precept for 2016/17
The Chairman informed the PC that the HRMC matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of the Parish Council as HMRC has decided not to pursue the Parish Council for the payment of the perceived outstanding amount of £4571.00. The amount set aside relating to HMRC in the precept for 2015/16 will therefore be taken into account when setting the precept for 2016/17
14.4 To note completion of the Pension Regulators automatic enrolment required by the PC (13/08/2015) Noted that the clerk had completed the enrolment as required by the PC
14.5 To consider costings for new village signs DEFERRED to next meeting

15. Training

15.1 To consider HALC training dates and book as appropriate

16. Planning

16.1 To note letter from Herefordshire Council Planning concerning
Planning Application: Land at Etna Orcop Hill, Much Dewchurch, Hereford
Description: Outline application for 8 affordable dwellings, use of and amendments to access and provision of treatment plant.
The application will be considered at the next planning committee meeting of Herefordshire Council on16th September 2015 at 2pm Noted

17. Correspondence

17.1.1 To note correspondence since last meeting
All correspondence was Noted
Halc information corner
Balfour Beatty Ditches and Drainage Guidance on landowner responsibilities
Herefordshire Council Community Governance review

18. To note date of next Meeting Wednesday 18th November at 7.30pm Noted