Minutes Annual Parish Council Meeting 30th May 2018

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting of Orcop Parish Council
Wednesday 30th May 2018 held in Orcop Village Hall 7.30pm

Present: Chairman Cllr Ben Thomas, Cllr Ian Garlick, Cllr Richard Watkins
In attendance: Parish Clerk Kath Greenow and 7 members of the public
1. To elect Chairman
It was RESOLVED: to elect Cllr Ben Thomas as Chairman
1.1 Chairman to complete an acceptance of office form
The Chairman completed and signed the declaration of office
2. To elect Vice Chairman
The Vice Chairman was elected as Cllr Bob Davies
3. Apologies for absence
Cllr Jane Rigler, Cllr Dave Jones & Cllr Bob Davies
4. To receive declarations of interest and consider dispensation requests on agenda items
None declared
5. To agree and sign the minutes of the Parish Council meeting 21/03/2018.
An amendment was made to the minutes as The Chairman Ben Thomas was not at the meeting but Cllr Rigler was The minutes of 21/03/2018 were then agreed and signed as a true record of the meeting
Extra Ordinary PC Meeting 8/05/2018
It was RESOLVED: to agree and sign the Minutes of the Extra Ordinary Meeting held on
6. To elect members to the following working groups:
6.1Planning working group
It was RESOLVED: not to have a planning working group.
6.2Finance working Group
Chairman Cllr Ben Thomas, Cllr Richard Watkins & Cllr Bob Davies
6.3Employment working group
Chairman Cllr Ben Thomas, Cllr Bob Davies & Cllr Jane Rigler
6.4 Rep for village Hall
Cllr Ian Garlick
7. Public forum
Members of the public may raise subjects they wish to bring to the attention of the
Parish Council (this period is restricted to 10 minutes). Please note that decisions
cannot be made at this meeting on items not on the agenda
No matters raised
8.Parish Defibrillator
8.1To consider purchase of a defibrillator and suitable location for the siting of a defibrillator
It was RESOLVED: to purchase a new defibrillator as a cost of £1495.00 +vat.
Discussion took place regarding the siting of the defib, it was considered that The Fountain
Inn would be a good place to site the defib. The Chairman would speak with the owner of The
Fountain Inn to ask if it can be sited at the pub.
9. Lengthsman
9.1To consider work to be carried out by the lengthsman during June
Continuation of grass cutting/strimming at the designated areas in the parish. Ditch at Burnett
Farm needs attending too. The Chairman would advise the lengthsman of the issue and ask him to attend to it when carrying out ditching work in the parish
10. Footpaths
10.1To receive a footpaths report from the Parish Footpaths Officer
Footpaths work is ongoing, there will be a footpaths walk on 14/07/2018 meeting at the
phone box at copy well at 9.30am
10.2To consider work required on the footpaths
11. Road Defects/ Highways issues
11.1To consider road defects/ highways issues to be reported to Balfour Beatty
Cllr Garlick reported that road improvements have been made at The Turf area in the parish
12. Planning
12.1To note planning applications approved/ refused by Herefordshire Council since
last meeting
refusal of planning permission
12.2 To consider commenting on planning consultation: 181664 The Trees Orcop
Description: Application for approval of reserved matters following outline planning
permission 161771 (site for proposed replacement of a fire destroyed dwelling plus the
erection of 2 dwellings
It was RESOLVED: to object to the application for approval of reserved matters following
outline planning permission 161771. We would like to make comment in regard to :
Proposed dwellings- The Parish Council reiterate again that they would prefer to see
bungalows at this location (this request was made when the outline application was
responded to by The Parish Council) .The proposed dwellings would have an adverse
,detrimental impact upon the character of local area. Drainage- The Parish Council states
that as the owners of copy well(village green) NO discharge of storm or treated effluent
must be allowed to run into copy well .The spring at copy well runs for the majority of the
365 days of the year, and to allow any discharge of water where storm or treated effluent

would have an environmental impact on copy well. We request notification that NO

discharge of water whether storm or treated effluent will be allowed into copy well.
Footpath ; 0C18 We concur with the PROW officers revised comments that surface water
is not allowed to drain onto the public footpath 0C18 of which the PROW officer has
asked for assurance of this
13. Finance
13.1To note end of year accounts have been sent to internal auditor for auditing – noted
13.2 to Approve & Sign certificate of exemption form under section 9 of The Local Audit
(Smaller Authorities) Regulation 2015
It was RESOLVED: to Approve & Sign certificate of exemption form under section 9 of The
Local Audit (Smaller Authorities) Regulation 2015

13.3To consider invoices for payment
BHIB Insurance renewal £454.10
Information Commissioners Office Annual Fee £35.00
Clerk reimbursement of postage/Stationary £28.88
Clerks mileage £51.30
DC Gardening Service invoice 24/2018 £80.00+vat £16.00
D Jones P3 work £1210.00+vat £242.40
13.4To note BAC’s Payment of 1st Precept Payment £4600.00 – Noted
13.5 to consider maintenance as required on Parish Council phone box & bus shelter
There was going to be a working group looking to attend to the maintenance of
Copy well and the maintenance of the phone box could be incorporated into this s
14 General Data Protection Regulations
14.1 To consider approval and adoption of General Data Protection policies
It was RESOLVED: to approve & adopt GDPR policies as per agenda items 14.1a,14.1b,14.1c,14.1d/14.1e
14.1a Personal Data Management
14.1b Privacy Policy
14.1c Subject Access policy
14.1d General Privacy Notice
14.1e Privacy notice for * staff, councillors and role holders
14.2 To consider registering the Parish Councils interest with HALC’s/NALC’s proposed shared DPO scheme.
It was RESOLVED: to registering the Parish Councils interest with HALC’s/NALC’s proposed shared DPO scheme.
15. Correspondence
All correspondence received has been sent to Cllrs in their agenda packs or emailed as appropriate
To note HALC information corner & Training schedule and book training as required- Noted
16. Matters raised for consideration for placing on the next meetings agenda ( no
Knot weed
17. To note the date of the next Parish council meeting as Wednesday 18th July 2018
A resolution will be passed to exclude the public for the following confidential items
A resolution was passed to exclude the public for the following confidential items

18.Employment matters
18.1To receive an update on recruitment of new Parish clerk
A report was given on the recruitment of a new clerk. Cllrs on the employment working group would interview prospective candidates along with Lynda Wilcox of HALC at the HALC offices. date for interviews to be advised by HALC
Next Scheduled meeting noted as 18th July 2018 at Orcop Village Hall 7.30pm


Chairman Orcop Parish Council