Minutes 20th January 2016

Present: Chairman Cllr Ben Thomas, Cllr Dave Jones, Cllr Richard Watkins & Cllr Jane Rigler,
1. Apologies for absence Cllr I Garlick, Ward Cllr David Harlow
In Attendance: Kath Greenow Parish Clerk, 3 parishioners, locality steward Dave Atkinson.

2. To receive declarations of interest and consider dispensation requests on agenda items. JR declared a non pecuniary interest on agenda item finance 12.4 OWL Grant application

3. It was RESOLVED to sign the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 18/11/2015 as a true record of the meeting.

4. Open Session

4.1 Ward Cllrs report – No ward Cllr present at the meeting. The clerk had emailed his report to Cllrs prior to the meeting which was noted
4.2 Local policing report No police present
4.3 To receive views of local residents on parish matters.

A parishioner present asked about the precept for 2016/17. The clerk informed the parishioner that the precept set for 2016/17 was £8000.00, which had been set at the last PC meeting in November.
Concerns were raised by parishioners present regarding water running of the fields down Wilkes Row. Mud on the road along Lyston lane Near “The Candles “property.

5. Clerks report no report

6. An update on the good neighbourhood scheme was given by Cllr Rigler. A training day was held on 19/01/2016. 12 people attended, an application for funding for the training day had been submitted to HFDC and the groups were waiting the outcome. The groups were in the process of applying for DBS checks .Once DBS checks had been undertaken the group was hoping to start the scheme.

7. Footpaths

7.1An update report from the parish footpaths officer was given and the footpaths officer was looking at putting together a circular walk of footpaths in the parish. Locality officer Dave Atkinson and the footpaths officer were working together on the report and identifying work that could be carried out and how it can be undertaken. The footpaths officer will liaise with local farmers where a footpath crosses their land. A list of local landowners was required and It was RESOLVED that: the clerk write to local farmers regarding footpaths asking for their help to attend to some of the work required.
7.2 Work required on the footpaths for the lengthsman to undertake. The footpaths officer informed the PC that some materials were required to undertake some of the work on the footpaths, replacement of styles etc and that there needed to be a point of delivery for these items.
The locality officer would email the clerk a work schedule that would be suitable for the lengthsman to undertake under the P3 scheme.
It was RESOLVED: that the clerk would liaise with the lengthsman with regard to the identified footpaths work to be carried out.

8. Lengthsman

8.1It was RESOLVED: to ask the lengthsman to carry out an inspection of the ditches and salt bins in the parish in the parish and to investigate the area of Wilkes Row where rain water has been coming off the field causing problems on the highway .Lengthsman to report back to PC .

9. Highways Issues

9.1Highways issues identified as: pot hole near junction of the war memorial, lay by at sunset cottage needs attending to possible hardcore or other suitable material required as the lay by is very muddy.
Saddlebow common: The clerk had emailed the clerk to Much Dewchurch PC concerning the overgrown vegetation which needed to be attended to, but had not had a response. Locality officer to investigate and clarify ownership of Saddlebow common and report back to PC. Locality officer informed the PC that he would be undertaking an inspection of the roads in the area in due course.

10. The local transport Plan consultation for 2016-2031
It was RESOLVED: to make no further comment

11. Update on new Parish Council Website
The clerk informed the PC that she had spoken to Mark Milimore concerning a new website for the Parish Council, he had been recommended by HALC and other Parish Councils had also used his services for their websites.

11.1 Discussion took place with regard to the quote given to the PC and it was RESOLVED: to accept the quote from Murk Milimore (eyelid productions) of £500.00 to set up the website this would include training. There would be an annual hosting fee and domain name charge total cost of £30.00
11.2It was RESOLVED: to delegate to the clerk the progression of the new Parish Council website and its completion and progress with grant application. The clerk would place information re the new website address in the parish magazine and on the parish noticeboards when appropriate

12. Finance

12.1Bank balance noted as: £13726.15
12.2It was RESOLVED to pay the following invoices:
Clerk’s reimbursement of postage £14.58
Clerk’s reimbursement purchase of USB stick £8.00
Orcop Village Hall hire £70.00
12.3To consider grant application from Dore Community Transport
Discussion took place with regard to the grant application. The PC felt there was insufficient information reading local usage of Dore Community Transport services for Orcop and it was RESOLVED: not to award a grant at this time, however if Dore Community Transport wished to apply for a grant in 2016/17 more information relating to local usage of the service by Orcop residents was required.
12.4To consider grant application form OWL Good Neighbour Scheme
Discussion took place with regard to the grant application. The PC felt that this scheme would benefit many parishioners in the parish and it was RESOLVED to award a grant of £50.00

13. Planning

13.1To note planning application granted / refuse since last meeting by Herefordshire Council

14. Training

14.1 HALC training dates
It was RESOLVED that: Cllr Rigler to attend Hall of Fame Training 24/02/2016 at HALC

15. Correspondence

15.1Correspondence since last meeting: noted
Halc information corner

16. Parish Council Meetings

16.1 PC meeting dates for 2016/17: noted as Wednesday 20th January 2016, Wednesday 16th March 2016, Wednesday 18th May 2016: note meeting at 7pm Orcop Village Hall Wednesday 20th July 2016,Wednesday 21st Sept 2016,Wednesday 16th Nov 2016
Wednesday 18th January 2017
16.2Date of date of next PC Meeting noted as Wednesday 16th March 2016 at 7.30pm