Minutes 18th November 2015

Minutes of Meeting of Orcop Parish Council Wednesday 18th November 2015 7.30pm at Orcop Village Hall

Present: Chairman Cllr Ben Thomas, Cllr Bob Davies, Cllr Dave Jones, Cllr Ian Garlick, Cllr Richard Watkins & Cllr Jane Rigler,

1. Apologies for absence None
In Attendance: Kath Greenow Parish Clerk, Ward Cllr David Harlow, local police officer Lowri Anderson and 5 parishioners

2. To receive declarations of interest and consider dispensation requests on agenda items. Cllr J Rigler declared a non pecuniary interest on agenda item 14.1 Planning application 153262.
It was RESOLVED to: agree and sign the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 16/09/2015 as a true record of the meeting

4. Public Forum

4.1 Ward Cllrs report.
Cllr Harlow had emailed his report to the clerk which had been distributed to Cllrs
Key points – Recent fires in Orcop. Core Strategy – had been passed in October, and Neighbourhood planning.
4.2 Residents views on parish matters .No parish issues raised.
Parishioners present at the meeting informed Cllrs that volunteers had undertaken the work to install book shelves for the community book exchange in the Parish Council phone box near Copywell. It was hoped that an opening event could be organized by volunteers who had undertaken the work on the phone box in January to inform parishioners about the book exchange.
The information board had not been put in as the Parish Council noticeboard had been kindly fixed by Barry Shaw and therefore there was no need for an information board inside the phone box at present.
4.3 Local policing report – Lowri Anderson introduced herself as the new local police officer for the area .She had been in the area over the last few weeks reassuring resident following the recent fires in the parish.

5. Clerks report
Lengthsman work had been completed in the parish.
Balfour Beatty had organized a drop in event for Parish Councillors / Clerks to attend on 01/12/2015 from 2 – 4pm and then 6- 8pm at The Shire Hall. The Clerk would be attending

6.Update report on good neighbourhood scheme
Cllr Rigler gave an update on progress to date. Cllr David Harlow and Cllr Jane Rigler have spoken to the following Parish Councils to explain the scheme Orcop, St Weonards and Llandwarne. In addition Jane has presented the scheme to the Welsh Newton Young Farmers Club, and plans to speak to the Pontrilas Young Farmers.
In all instances the scheme has been well received. Councillor Harlow returned to St Weonards council and received a grant of £50. It is hoped to repeat this at the other two Parish Councils. It is also planned to approach Garway Parish Council in due course. Other sources of funding are also being explored. They have met with Abbie Mason the local officer for Herefordshire Voluntary Organisations Support Service (HVOSS) and are acting on the advice and help given They plan to join HVOSS which provides much support to new organisations in the form of legal frameworks and guidelines, constitutions and such like.

7. Footpaths

7.1The footpaths officer and the locality officer of Balfour Beatty would be meeting to discuss a works plan for attending to work required on the parish footpaths.
7.2It was RESOLVED that: Some footpaths work could be carried out by the lengthsman. The footpaths officer would need to liaise with the Clerk and the Clerk would raise a works order for the lengthsman to carry out the identified work as appropriate.

8. Lengthsman

8.1It was RESOLVED to: Note Annual Plan expenditure to date as £1450.00 excluding VAT
8.2 It was RESOLVED that: There was no further work to be undertaken by lengthsman at present

9. Highways Issues

9.1 Highways issues for reporting to Balfour Beatty Locality Officer identified as: Re-growth of Japanese knot weed in the parish near The Heights area, Saddlebow road area and Green lane area. Uncut over grown hedgerows were still causing problems. Clerk to contact Locality officer for progress report on enforcement of hedgerows that needed to be cut back in the parish
Cllr Davies reported on the poor standard of verge cutting by Balfour Beatty in the area and that he had reported this to the locality Officer who was investigating the complaint
9.2To consider issues relating to Saddlebow common
It was RESOLVED that: The Clerk write to Much Dewchurch Parish Council to request that the overgrown vegetation that was encroaching on to the highway was cut back.

10. Draft Risk Annual Assessment
Discussion took place concerning Parish Council records being stored on a USB stick.
It was RESOLVED that 2 USB sticks are used for PC records of which both would be backed up on a monthly basis and one would be retained by The Clerk and the other by The Chairman.

11. Parish Council Grants Policy
It was RESOLVED: to agree the Parish Council’s grants policy

12. Update on New Parish Council Website.
The Clerk is attending to the new Parish Council Website

13. Finance

13.1Bank balance Noted as: £15537.94
13.2It was RESOLVED to pay:
D.C. Gardening Services £940.00+VAT
HMRC £400.00
A4 Office Products Ltd £14.95 +VAT
Clerk reimbursement of postage £7.55
Clerk mileage expenses (May June July & September) £36.00
13.3 Bacs remittance of 1st quarter of lengthsman grant £534.00 Noted
13. Bacs remittance of 2nd precept payment 2015/16 £6000.00 Noted
13.5It was RESOLVED to agree the budget for 2016/17 and the precept for 2016/17 was set as £8000.00
13.6 It was RESOLVED to note external auditors report for accounts 2014/15

14. Planning

14.1To comment on planning applications received:
Planning Application: 153262- The Rough Farm Garway Hill Hereford
Description: Proposed first floor extension and alterations
Applicant: Mr Ralph Cross
It was RESOLVED to: SUPPORT the application

15. Training

15.1 HALC training dates Noted. Cllr Rigler to attend Hall of Fame training on24th February

16. Correspondence

16.1 Correspondence Noted since last meeting as:
Halc information corner
16.2 It was RESOLVED: that the clerk sends a grant application form to Dore Community Transport with regard to their request for funding Transport.
16. 3Date of next Meeting Noted as Wednesday 20th January 2016 at 7.30pm

17. To pass a resolution to exclude the public and press due to a confidential employment matter to be discussed

A resolution was passed to exclude the public and press due to a confidential employment matter to be discussed