Minutes 15th July 2015

Minutes of Meeting of Orcop Parish Council
Wednesday 15th July 2015 7.30pm at Orcop Village Hall

Present: Cllr Bob Davies Vice Chairman, Cllr Ian Garlick, Cllr Richard Watkins, Cllr Jane Rigler, Cllr Dave Jones

1. Apologies for absence Chairman Cllr Ben Thomas
In the absence of the Chairman the Vice Chairman chaired the meeting

2. To receive declarations of interest and consider dispensation requests on agenda items. None declared

It was RESOLVED to: agree and sign the minutes of the Extra Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 17/06/2015 as a true record of the meeting

4. Public Forum
A parishioner queried the rise in the annual precept.
The vice Chairman explained that this as due to an confidential employment matter and legal implications relating to previous employment which could not be disclosed at present.
4.1 Ward Cllrs report.
Cllr Harlow informed Cllrs that it was hoped that the Core Strategy would be approved at a Council Meeting on Friday, However new legislation from Government has come out concerning Wind turbines, and he informed the Cllrs that this would require Herefordshire Council to under take a county wide consultation, and therefore the core strategy may not be approved until after completion of the consultation had taken place which was envisaged to be after September. The Ward Cllrs spoke about Neighbourhood planning and informed the Cllrs that there would be a requirement of 26 new houses in Orcop over the next 20 years.

5. Clerks report
The clerk reported that the lengthsman had carried out grass cutting in the parish at designated areas as required.
Date for The Fountain Inn Planning Appeal had been set for 11/08/2015

6 Footpaths report
A report had been circulated to Cllrs from the Footpaths Officer.
A further report would be complied of parish footpaths in the area south of road to Bagwyllydairt – towards Garway in the next few weeks.
Balfour Beatty locality officer to advise footpaths officer regarding some work required on the footpaths and advise on volunteers training. Clerk to send Footpaths report onto Locality Officer and liaise with footpaths officer concerning programme of works for clearing of foot paths and liaising with landowners.

7 Lengthsman
It was RESOLVED that the lengthsman continue with grass cutting at the designated areas in the parish and that the continuation of ditching works continue as highlighted in the works orders sent to the lengthsman by the PC
7.1 Highways issues
Some verge cutting had been undertaken by B/B contractor, albeit it to an unsatisfactory standard as a number of grit bins had been damaged in the process.
The issue of overgrown hedgerows were highlighted again and it was RESOLVED that Cllr Garlick liaise with Balfour Beatty locality officer concerning the areas that required the hedgerows to be cut back.
Balfour Beatty’s Locality officer reported that the reported Japanese knot weed present in some areas of the parish had was being attended to.
Blocked drains requiring jetting by Balfour Beatty were identified as Culvert and pipe east of Burnett drive under saddlebow road.
Blocked Culvert at Newcastle farm house Copywell area – Metal/Concrete fencing posts needing attention b/b to attend to.

8 Daft updated Standing Orders
It was RESOLVED to: adopted the updated Standing Orders of the Parish Council

9. Finance
9.1 Bank balance noted as £10573.39
9.2It was RESOLVED to pay:
Clerk re imbursement for postage £11.23
D.C. Gardening Services £216.00

10. It was RESOLVED to award a grant of £50 to Herefordshire Citizens Advice Bureaux and that the PC request a summery of support that HCAB had given in the area after the grant had been awarded.

11. Copy Well.
11.1 update on smell at Copy well area
A parishioner present at the meeting reported that the bio disc serving properties on Wilkes row had been cleaned & serviced and all was working well .The next service for the bio disc would be in 12 months time.
It was RESOLVED that: some work was required at copy well consisting of removal of some vegetation
The metal stay coming from BT pole needing attending to by BT .Clerk to report to BT.

12. Good neighbourhood scheme
Cllr Rigler gave a report on The Good Neighbour scheme initiative concerning loneliness. It was felt that the scheme was a good idea ,but could not be undertake by Orcop parish on its own ,but to look at working with a number of parishes in the immediate area e.g. St Weonards and Garway parishes. Cllr Rigler to set up a meeting and report back to PC at next Meeting
12. Vehicle speed issues within the parish.
Discussion took place concerning perceived speeding in the parish and how this might be addressed. A possible speed limit was discussed, but it as felt that with out Police support and presence this would not be enforceable. A village sign(s) erected in the parish was also discussed and it was felt that this option should be explored further with regard to cost etc. It was RESOLVED that the clerk contact B/B locality officer to request possible wording of sign, size and costings

13. Maintenance required on adopted telephone kiosk in the Parish and ideas for use.
Discussion took place concerning the adopted Phone box at Copy well area, and it was RESOLVED that the phone box is used as a book exchange and information board by The Parish Council.
It was RESOLVED that Clerk seek costing for material required to erect a book shelf and information once the phone equipment had been removed from the phone box by BT.(Clerk to report back at next meeting )

14. Correspondence

14.1.1 Correspondence noted.
Halc information corner

15. Date of next PC Meeting noted as: Wednesday 16th September at 7.30pm