Minutes 13/04/2016

Minutes of Meeting of Orcop Parish Council

Wednesday 13th April 2016 7.30pm at Orcop Village Hall

Present: Chairman Cllr Ben Thomas, Cllr I Garlick Cllr Dave Jones, Cllr Richard Watkins & Cllr Jane Rigler,
1. Apologies for absence, Ward Cllr David Harlow

In Attendance: Kath Greenow Parish Clerk, 3 parishioners, locality steward Dave Atkinson.
2. To receive declarations of interest on agenda items. Cllr Jane Rigler R & Cllr Ian Garlick declared a non pecuniary interest on agenda item Finance 11.4 Letter from Orcop Village Hall regarding replacement of new Kitchen.

Dispensation requests were received from Cllr I Garlick and Cllr Jane Rigler.

It was RESOLVED: to give Cllrs Rigler and Cllr Garlick dispensation with regard to agenda

Item Finance 11.4 Letter from Orcop Village Hall regarding replacement of new Kitchen
3.It was RESOLVED to sign the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 20/01/2016 as a true record of the meeting.
4. Open Session

4.1 Ward Cllrs report – No ward Cllr present at the meeting. The clerk had emailed his report to Cllrs prior to the meeting which was noted

4.2 Local policing report No police present

4.3 To receive views of local residents on parish matters.

No matters rasied
5. Clerks report

No matters to report
6. To receive update report on good neighbourhood scheme

An update on the good neighbourhood scheme was given by Cllr Rigler. Volunteers have received the training required and DBS checks are now complete. A 24/7 phone service has been set up at present it is manned by volunteers on a Tuesday & Thursday 10am – 2pm .There will be an official launch of The good neighbourhood scheme on 14/05/2016 .The Parish Council were invited to attend .
6. To consider ideas for a parish celebration of HM The Queens 90th birthday .

The PC were informed by Orcop Village Hall committee that there would be ea at the village Hall to take place on 05/06/2016 Bring your own tea.

In the light of this the PC RESOLVED: not to undertake any celebration events in celebration of the HM The Queens 90th birthday.
7. Parish Paths Partnership Scheme (P3)

7.1To consider work to be carried out by L/man on parish footpaths.

The footpaths quote supplied by the lengthsman was discussed and it was RESOLVED: not to ask the lengthsman to undertake any P3 work at present due to limited funding within the P3 grant, but to work with the local landowners and request their support in attending to the footpaths along with the footpaths officer & volunteers. The Clerk was asked to contact the locality officer with regard to training for volunteers carrying out footpaths work. .Cllrs would advise the clerk of local landowners that had footpaths on their land and write to them requesting support and help in maintaining the parish footpaths.

8. Lengthsman

8.1To consider work to be undertaken by lengthsman

It was RESOLVED: that the lengthsman carry out strimming along the designated areas in the parish

8.2To consider draft annual plan for 2016/17

It was RESOLVED to agree the Annual Plan 2016/17 .Clerk to submit to Balfour Beatty.
9. Highways Issues

9.1To consider highways issues for reporting to Balfour Beatty Locality Officer

No matters to report
10. To receive an update new Parish Council Website

The Parish Council website is up and running and the website address is www.orcopparishcouncil.org

10.1 To consider purchase of a laptop for PC

Grant funding had been secured for a PC laptop and It was RESOLVED to purchase a lap top for the Parish Council
11. Finance

11.1Bank balance notes as £13,450.60

To note budget update 2015/16

Budget update noted

11.2It was RESOLVED to pay:

HALC annual subscription fee 2016/17 £326.54 + vat

Clerks reimbursement of postage/stationary £22.43

Clerks re imbursement printing costs 2015/16 £83.10

Eyelid productions (pc website)£500.00

Clerks mileage May2015 – March2016 £27.72

D C Gardening services l/man £200.00 +vat

Bacs remittance from HFDC 2/4 l/man grant £534.00 Noted

11.3 Confirmation from HFDC re: precept 2016/17 Noted

11.4To consider letter from Orcop Village Hall committee regarding replacement of new kitchen.

Discussion took place with regard to the request from Orcop village hall committee concerning the replacement of the kitchen. Grants and quotes would be required for the project and the village hall had asked if the PC would be willing to undertake the administration of the project.

It was RESOLVED: that the Parish Council would administer the project and would work closely with the village hall on the project.
12. Planning

12.1To note planning applications comment on since last meeting by planning working group


12.2 To note planning granted / refuse since last meeting by Herefordshire Council

160293 Wayside Cottage Orcop Hereford –Proposed rear extension with new roof terrace over, alterations to porch and replacement of garage for timber garage
13. Training

13.1 HALC training dates and book as appropriate Noted
14. Correspondence

14.1To consider letter from Ewyas Harold Parish Council – Kemble Centre

It was RESOLVED to: Invite representatives from EHGPC Kemble Centre working party to the next PC meeting in May

14.2Correspondence since last meeting Noted as:

Halc information corner

To note letter from HMRC re: Important information for all employers

To note letter from Tower Mint Ltd re: HM Queen 90th birthday commemorative medals for schools &councils
15. Parish Council Meetings

15.1Date of Annual Parish Meeting 18th May at 7pm followed by Annual Parish Council Meeting at 7.30pm

B Thomas Chairman