Draft Minutes

ORCOP PARISH COUNCIL Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 at 7.30 pm in Orcop Village Hall

1. Councillors Present … Ben Thomas, Ian Garlick, Jane Rigler, Margaret Serle and Peter Garratt plus seven members of the public.

2. Apologies for absence were received from Barry Shaw.

3. Election of Chairman – Councillor Ben Thomas was nominated and seconded by Councillors Jane Rigler and Ian Garlick and was duly appointed.

4. Election of Vice Chairman – Councillor Jane Rigler was nominated and seconded by the Chairman and Councillor Ian Garlick and was duly appointed.

5. Election of Working Groups – It was RESOLVED to defer any action to establish any Working Groups until a subsequent meeting.

6. Declarations of interest & written dispensation requests: There were none.

7. Minutes of the previous meetings … 20th March 2019. It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record of the meetings held and they were signed by the Chairman.

8. Public Forum
8.1 Verbal report from the Ward Councillor … The Ward Councillor was not present.
8.2 Views of local residents on parish matters included:
8.2.1 – Councillor Margaret Serle reported on the presence of Japanese knotweed near to Sadddlebow. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would report the issue to the Locality Steward.
8.2.2 – Councillor Serle highlighted a potential safety issue with uncut verges and specifically mentioned Wilkes Row.
8.2.3- It was reported by a resident that the OS map held on the noticeboard was very faded. The Footpaths Officer agreed to bring this to the attention of Balfour Beatty.

9. Planning – No new applications were received from Herefordshire Council.

10. Finance The bank balance as at 30th April 2019 was £27,419.38 It was RESOLVED to pay the invoices included on the attached payment schedule.

11. Parish Council Elections – The clerk reminded Councillors that it is a requirement for their expenses return to be submitted to Herefordshire Council by the end of May 2019. New councillors must also complete and return a Register of Interests form to Herefordshire County Council.

12. Lengthsman – It was RESOLVED that the clerk should be notified of any issues requiring attention who would, in turn, task the lengthsman accordingly.

13. Footpaths – The Footpaths Officer (FPO) provided an update on activity since the last meeting commenting specifically on the excellent progress in restoring the footpath at OC10.

14. Highway Issues – No major issues were raised but it was noted that potholes had been marked in readiness for remedial action.

15. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) – It was RESOLVED to defer any discussion until the NDP meeting which followed immediately after the conclusion of the Parish Council meeting.

16. The War Memorial – Following the unauthorised painting of the war memorial it was agreed that a professional company would need to be contracted to undertake the necessary restoration by removing the masonry paint. Before any remedial action is taken it was RESOLVED to await specialist advice (including associated costs) from the Conservation Officer at Herefordshire County Council.

17. Owls Good Neighbour Scheme – Councillor Rigler briefly outlined the work of the Owls Good Neighbour Scheme and it has helped residents in a variety of ways. It was RESOLVED that a donation of £50 would be made to assist the scheme in its future work.

18. Clerk’s Correspondence – The clerk reported that a resident had written highlighting issues with broadband speeds in Garway. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would contact Herefordshire Council and invite their comments on this issue.

19. Date of the next meeting and matters for discussion – The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 19th June 2019.

20. Information items – none were submitted.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 20.30hrs