Draft Minutes

Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held remotely on Wednesday 20th January 2021 at 19.00 hrs.


Councillors Present … Ben Thomas (Chairman), Jane Rigler, Ian Garlick, Barry Shaw, Peter Garratt and Margaret Serle. Also in attendance were Ward Councillor Fagan, Mark Hearne (Parish Clerk) and three residents.


  1. Apologies for absence – None.


  1. Declarations of interest & written dispensation requests – None.


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting – 18th November 2020 and 9th December 2020. It was RESOLVED to adopt both sets of minutes as a true record of the meeting and these will be signed by the Chairman in due course.


  1. Public Forum


  • A verbal report from the Ward Councillor included the following issues:
    • Referred to the Leaders report which had been circulated previously.
    • The budget for 2021/22 presents significant challenges and it is expected that the subsequent 2 years will also be difficult.
    • Voting on the new CEO for Herefordshire Council is due to take place on Friday 22 January 2021.
    • Herefordshire Council are due to consider the current Transport package at the next Cabinet meeting.
    • Planning issues throughout the River Wye catchment area remains controversial.
    • The rollout of fibre broadband by Gigaclear has been deferred until the end of 2021. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk contacts Gigaclear to arrange for a representative to brief the Parish Council at a subsequent meeting.
    • The Planning Officer for the proposed Newcastle Farm development has asked the applicant to undertake some filtration testing.
  • Views of residents on parish matters
    • A resident asked about the survey about waste and recycling and it was noted that it remained open for comments until the 7th February 2021.
  1. NDP – Councillor Serle reported that the Steering Group met the Planning Consultant on the 17th December 2020 to discuss the formal statement from Herefordshire Council which was consistent with the previous discussions with them. It was agreed the Consultant should commence drafting the NDP document based on the preferred option C in the Housing Delivery Report. Further detailed input from the Steering Group will be required in the future which will be followed by a six-week Regulation 14 consultation period during which parishioners will have the opportunity of submitting comments.


  1. Planning – Comments on Planning Applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council.
    • Planning Re-Consultation – 203177 – Bagwyllydiart Farm, Orcop, Hereford, HR2 8EX. Proposed change of use of agricultural barn to two dwellings. Councillors were concerned that no details were available on the Herefordshire Council website and concluded that they are not able to offer any comment.
    • Planning Consultation – 203995 – Land at Green Lane Cottage, Orcop, Herefordshire – Proposed change -of-use of land for the siting of a single mobile home (vintage showman’s caravan) for use as a holiday let and associated works (Retrospective). It was noted that the outcome of the application will largely hinge on the future status of Green Lane but there was insufficient detail on the proposed access to the site plus a lack of information on other issues such as sanitation and landscaping. Based on the information provided Councillors had no confidence that the proposed sanitation, through a covered ditch, would be fit for purpose and this would need to be subject to a more detailed explanation. In conclusion, Councillors decided that they could not support the application without this further information, and it was RESOLVED that the Clerk writes to the LPA accordingly.
    • Review outstanding retrospective planning permissions for holiday lets in the parish. The Clerk reported that despite several prompts to the owners of two holiday lets no applications for retrospective planning permission has materialised. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk brings the issue of the outstanding applications to the notice of the Enforcement Officer at the LPA.
    • Councillor Shaw raised the issue of the planning application for the dwelling close to the parish hall and asked Ward Councillor Fagan for the rationale for tabling this as a candidate for consideration at a future Planning Committee meeting. Ward Councillor Fagan explained that this was because the applicant considered they had not been afforded a fair hearing especially considering the campaign orchestrated locally in opposition of the proposed development. In addition, a factor in deciding that it should be considered by the Planning Committee also revolved around the fact that there is a difference of opinion on the merits of the application amongst the local community.


  1. Finance
    • The current bank balance is £26,447.94.
    • The following payments were approved:
      • Clerk’s salary (December 2020 & January 2021) in accordance with his employment contract
      • PAYE (December 2020 & January 2021) – £186.60
      • Postage – £7.92


  1. Lengthsman – The lengthsman had been largely inactive in recent weeks but that situation is expected to change with the onset of better weather in the Spring and beyond.


  1. Copywell – There was no further update available on the proposed new treatment works to service properties on Wilkes Row. It was RESOLVED to include this issue on the agenda for the next meeting but, in the meantime, a further update will be sought from Ward Councillor Fagan.



  1. Footpaths – The Footpaths Officer who was not present at the meeting had advised the Clerk that due to Covid 19 little activity on the footpaths had been possible. The Clerk also reported that the pilot scheme for dedicated PROW Locality Stewards is in the process of being launched and details have been forwarded to the Footpaths Officer.



  1. Highway Issues – The Chairman reported two potholes and agreed to provide the location to the Clerk to allow the issue to be logged on the Herefordshire Council website.



  1. To consider training opportunities available through HALC – The Clerk invited Councillors to let him know if any of the available courses were of interest and he will make the necessary booking via HALC.



  1. To approve Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Risk Management Plan for 2021. It was RESOLVED to approve the Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and the Risk Management Plan 2021. Councillor Serle suggested that arrangements should be made to back up information held on the laptop to the “cloud”.


  1. Clerk Correspondence – None were received.



  1. Date of the next meeting and matters for discussion – The next meeting will take place on the 17th March 2021 and the agenda will include the following:
  • Donation to OWL
  • Planning Issues – Caravans





The meeting closed at 20.15hrs