Council Business








Parishioners wishing to participate in the meeting should use the following information:

Meeting ID: 825 1983 3229




  1. Introduction and Welcome


  1. Annual Report of the Parish Council by the Chairman, Orcop Parish Council.


  1. Statement on the Parish Council Accounts for Year ending 31 March 2021 by the Clerk to the Parish Council.


  1. To invite the public to raise any matters of interest.









Parish Councillors are summoned to attend the Annual Parish Council Meeting to be held on

Wednesday 19th May 2021 which will follow the Parish Meeting will begin at 19.00hrs. The meeting will be held remotely using Zoom. Parishioners wishing to participate in the meeting should use the following information:

Meeting ID: 825 1983 3229


  1. Elect Chairman


  1. Elect Vice Chairman


  1. To receive apologies for absence


  1. To receive declarations of interest & consider written requests for dispensation.


  1. To consider the minutes of the previous meeting – 17th March 2021.


  1. Public Forum
    • To receive a verbal report from the Ward Councillor.
    • To receive the views of local residents on parish matters (to be limited to 15 minutes).


  1. NDP – To receive an update from the NDP Steering Group.


  1. Planning  – To note applications determined by Herefordshire Council:
    • Planning Consultation – 210810 – Brooklands Farm, Orcop, Hereford. Proposed covered silage pit.
    • Planning Consultation – 211049 – Site adjacent to Homelands, Orcop. Proposed new dwelling.
    • Planning Consultation – 210815 – Land at Sunset Cottage, Tomlins Field Road, Orcop. Change of use of land for the siting of a single mobile unit (shepherds hut) for use as a 2 person holiday let/home office- (retrospective).
    • Planning Consultation 211139 – Handley Gate Cottage, Garway Hill, Hereford. Two storey rear extension, timber cladding to existing rendered elevations.
  2. Finance
    • To note bank balances.
    • To consider the invoices and received and payments in line with budget.
      • Clerk’s salary (April & May 2021 in accordance with his employment contract
      • PAYE (April & May 2021)
      • Zoom Subscription – £28.77 (shared cost with four other Parish Councils).
      • Stationery – £14.94
      • Postage – £7.92
      • DJN Planning Limited (NDP) – £1,050.00.
      • DC Gardening Services – £132.00
      • Autela Payroll Services – £73.92
    • To consider the renewal of insurance – £460.67.
    • To consider the Internal Audit Report (2020/21)
    • To approve submission to PKF Littlejohn (External Auditors)



  1. Lengthsman
    • To receive an update on any work required.
    • To consider the contractual arrangements with the Lengthsman.


  1. Copywell – To consider current issues connected with Copywell.


  1. Footpaths –To receive the Footpaths Officer’s report and consider any action required.


  1. Highway Issues
    • To consider road defects or other issues.


  1. War Memorial – To receive an update on recent developments.


  1. Clerk Correspondence


  1. To note the date of the next meeting (21st July 2021) raise matters for discussion.


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