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Orcop Parish Council offers its heart-felt condolences and sympathy to The Royal Family. We join the people of the United Kingdom in national mourning.


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Leaders newsletter Sept 2022

Take extra care on rural roads in Herefordshire


OWL GOOD NEIGHBOURS – The OWL Scheme is run by volunteers that help vulnerable members in the community with such things as shopping, getting medicines/repeat prescriptions etc. The OWL scheme are DESPERATE for more volunteers at this time as many of their current volunteers fall into the categories of those needed to self isolate/practicing social distancing. If you can help in any way please contact Jane Rigler on 07940 308696.

Parish Councils

Parish councils have existed since medieval times, when they settled local disputes and were in charge of agriculture and land management.

They have changed over the last 1000 years into the modern constitution, which was created in 1896.