Extra Ordinary Meeting 25th June 2014

Orcop Parish Council
Parish Councillors are summoned to attend an Extra Ordinary Meeting
Of the Parish Council on
Wednesday 25th June 2014
At Orcop Village Hall 7.30pm

1 To receive apologies for absence

2. To receive declarations of interest and consider dispensation requests on agenda items

3. To agree and sign the minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting28/05/2014

4. Public forum

Members of the public may raise subjects they wish to bring to the attention of the Parish Council (this period is restricted to 10 minutes). Please note that decisions cannot be made at this meeting on items not on the agenda

4.1 West Mercia Police – Local policing report

4.2 Ward Cllr report

5. Fountain Inn

51. To consider applying to Public Works Loan Board (PWLB) for community purchase of The Fountain Inn.

5.2 To consider Parish Council consultation

6.Copy Well

6.1 To consider setting up a working group to look into Copy Well issues.

6.2 To consider financial responsibility for issues affecting Copy Well

6.2a) Contaminated effluent into well

6.2b) Inspection of tree on Copy well land

7. Planning

To comment on the following planning applications received from Herefordshire Council:

7.1 Site: Malden, Garway Hill, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 8EZ

Description: proposed demolition of existing conservatory and construction of new conservatory

Application No:  P141167/FH

Application type: Full householder

7.2 Site: Land at Etna, Orcop Hill, Much Dewchurch, Hereford, Herefordshire

Description: Outline application for 8 affordable dwellings, use of and amendment to access and provision of treatment plant.

Application No: P141559/O

Application type: Outline

8. Orcop Neighbourhood Development Plan

8.1To consider seeking independent planning support from Kirkwells to progress Orcop Neighbourhood Development Plan.

8.2 To consider date for next Steering group meeting

9. Finance

9.1 to note bank balance

9.2 to agree to and adopt internally audited accounts 2013/14

9.3 To agree payments

D.C Gardening services June invoice (Lengthsman) £120.00

Acting Clerks reimbursement for postage £11.29

10. Training

10.1To consider HALC training dates and book as appropriate

11. Correspondence

11.1To note correspondence received since last meeting

12. To agree to amend the date of next schedule Parish Council meeting from 23/07/2014 to 16/07/2014


(Mrs) Kath Greenow AILCM

Acting Parish Clerk Orcop Parish Council