Draft Minutes

Draft Minutes – 23rd October 2018

Minutes of the Ordinary meeting of Orcop Parish Council held at Orcop Village Hall on 19th September 2018 at 7.30Pm

Councillors Present
Cllr Ben Thomas (Chairman)
Cllr Ian Garlick
Cllr Jane Rigler
Cllr Richard Watkins

In attendance
Tony Ford – Acting Clerk
Members of the Public 7

1. Apologies for absence
The Parish Council received and approved apologies for absence from Cllr Dave Jones

2. Declarations of interest & written dispensation requests
There were no written requests for dispensation, Cllr Jane Rigler declared a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest in agenda item 6.3 as she was a member of Parochial Church Council

3. Minutes of the previous meeting 18-07-18
It was resolved to approve the minutes and they were duly signed by the Chairman.

4. Public Forum
4.1 Verbal report from the Ward Councillor … The Ward Councillor was not present.

4.2 To receive the views of local residents on parish matters
A Parishioner
• Raised the issue of the missed planning application 181644 ‘The Tree ‘and went on to give summary. The Parish Council was informed that with no permanent Clerk this unfortunately happened.
• Highlighted that agenda item 5.3 was under the heading Planning and felt it should have its own heading.
• Raised the query regarding the draft minutes not being on the Parish Council website.
• Raise the query regarding the outstanding query of the purchase of the defibrillator which had been agreed previously.
• Highlighted the issue of Copywell needing clearing and the repair to the bus shelter roof.
• Raised the issue of Knotweed returning at the location previously cleared( Opposite Bramble Cottage
Action – Acting Clerk to ensure that the draft minutes are put on the website.
Action – Acting Clerk to follow up on the purchase of the Defibrillator
Page 357
Action – Acting Clerk to notify the Locality Steward regarding the Knotweed and request that he contacts Cllr Ben Thomas.
5. Planning
5.1 The Parish Council noted that planning permission granted by Herefordshire Council for application 182200 – 6 Copywell Cottages: Build a timber garage, 20ft X12ft on an existing driveway. The garage to run parallel to the tree line lengthwise & parallel to the fence width wise.
5.2 The Parish Council noted that Herefordshire Council’s refusal of prior approval under application 183047, Burhope Farm. Agricultural or forestry development – proposed building
5.3 Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). Having considered a date for a meeting it was agreed that Wednesday 24th October be convenient to everyone.

6. Finance – To note bank balances and consider invoices received including 6.1 & 6.2 below
6,1 Information Commissioner – annual data protection fee £40.00
6.2 HALC Clerk Cover @ £150.00 + Mileage – Deferred until invoice received
6.3 To consider grant application for funding towards upkeep of Orcop Churchyard- The Acting Clerk informed the Parish Council that advice from the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) is that such payment were illegal and read out the following ‘Whilst there is no consensus on the issue, a council that considers making a payment in these circumstances needs to consider whether it is prudent to take a course of action that it cannot be certain is legally valid’.
The Parish Council considered the grant application and resolved to make a grant of £350.
It was Resolved to authorise the payments at 6.1 and 6.3.

7. Lengthsman – To consider outstanding invoice (£96.00) & identify work to be undertaken
7.1 It was agreed that the Lengthsman would carry out the Clearing of Copywell to allow for the Parish Council consider if additional work would be needed. In addition the ditch was to be cleared. The Parish Council authorised the Payment to DC Gardening Services in the sum of £96.00.
Action – the Chairman to liaise with the Lengthsman
Action – Acting Clerk to ascertain current expenditure spent on Lengthsman and P3 so that the balance can be ascertained.
7.2 Regarding new slates on the bus shelter the Parish Council agreed that two Volunteers, would carry out the required work within a budget of £200.00. The Acting Clerk informed the Parish Council that before any work was carried it was an insurance requirement that a risk assessment was completed at the location.

8. Footpaths …The Footpath Officer was not present and there was no report

9. Highway Issues
• The issue of Hedges on Lyston Lane was raised Action Acting Clerk to inform Locality Steward and ask that he liaises with the Chairman
• Having considered the request from Herefordshire Council on potholes it was agreed that the Parish Councils reply would be as follow:-
1. The standard of pothole filling was poor, not consistent and did not represent Value for money.
2. Rather than fill by category use common sense and fill potholes as required

Page 358
Action – Acting Clerk to inform Herefordshire Council.

10. Parish Council representation at:
10.1 New University inauguration at 11.30am on 19-10-18 in Hereford Cathedral
10.2 Launch of Hereford Community Led Housing at 11.00 on 29-09-18 in RNCB
10.3 Parish Council Summit for PC Chairmen at 6.30 pm on 17t-10-18 in the Shire Hall
It was agreed that Cllr Jane Rigler would represent the Parish Council on 10.1 and 10.3 there would be no representation at 10,2.
Action Acting Clerk to inform relevant institutions and confirm to Cllr Jane Rigler that required action taken

11. Date of the next meeting & matters raised for discussion
Date 21/11/18
• Tree Inspection at Copywell

12. Recruitment of new Clerk
The Parish Council was informed that there were two possible candidates
Action HALC to arrange interviews

Meeting closed at 9.12pm