Draft Minutes


Minutes of Orcop Parish Council Meeting
Wednesday 21st March 2018 held in Orcop Village Hall 7.30pm

Present: Chairman Cllr Ben Thomas, Cllr B Davies Cllr Ian Garlick
In attendance Kath Greenow Parish Clerk,
& 8 parishioners
1. Apologies for absence
Cllr Richard Watkins, Cllr Jane Rigler, & Cllr Dave Jones
Ward Cllr D Harlow
2. To receive declarations of interest and consider dispensation requests on agenda items
None declared

3. To agree and sign the minutes of The Parish Council meeting 17/01/2018
It was RESOLVED: to approve and sign the minutes of The Parish Council meeting 17/01/2018
3.1 To agree and sign the Extra Ordinary minutes of The Parish Council meeting
It was RESOLVED: to approve and sign the Extra Ordinary minutes of The Parish Council meeting
4. Open Session
4.1To receive views of residents on parish matters (10minutes)
A parishioner asked about the possibility of having a defibrillator located in the parish.
The Chairman bought forward agenda item 8.2
8.2 To consider commenting on planning application: Planning Re consultation 173385 Land at Newcastle Farm Orcop Hereford
Description: proposed residential development of 3 dwellings
Discussion took place concerning the re consultation of the planning application, and parishioners present aired their concerns, consisting of the drainage system, transport and road safety on such a small, narrow unclassified road along with access of the site from the South.

It was RESOLVED that: the application was UNSUPPORTED and the following comments made. The proposed development is unsustainable, will have a detrimental impact upon the character, environment, drainage, local roads, and highway safety of the area. We would reiterate again that the application is not compliant with the following core strategy policies.DS1, LD1, LD4, RA2, RA3,SS1,SS4,SS6,SD3&SD4

The Parish Council concur with comments and objections submitted by residents. They reflect the considerable and valid concerns and objections relating to drainage and the proposed cesspools/pits of the development and the comments from the residents must be taken into account when considering the application

4.2 Ward Cllr report
The ward Cllr had sent his report which was noted
5. Lengthsman
5.1To consider work to be carried out by the lengthsman
It was RESOLVED: that a maintenance day is carried out in the parish during April. Burnett farm ditch needs attention, Silt accumulation along Wilkes row needs attending to by B/B. Clerk to make request that this is attended to.
5.2To consider completing Annual Plan form Balfour Beatty for Lengthsman and Parish Paths Partnership 2018/19
It was RESOLVED: to complete Annual Plan form Balfour Beatty for Lengthsman and Parish Paths Partnership 2018/19
6. Footpaths
6.1To receive an update on footpaths works carried out and any further work
A report was received from the footpaths officer.
Work required on the following footpaths OC8 Uppermoars – Garrendale
Footpath issues along OC10 stretch from C1236- Farhouse – East end of OC10 Footpaths officer will liaise with B/B Locality steward
Ongoing footpaths work is being carried out as per instruction by the PC.
7. Highways issues
7.1To consider highways issues to be reported to Balfour Beatty
Lyston Lane – break up of the road surface on the edge of the carriageway. -Ward Cllr was asked to take up and lobby for road improvements in the parish.

8. Planning
8 .1To note planning applications approved/ refused by Herefordshire Council
since last meeting
9.Neighbourhood Plan
9.1 To consider information received from AECOM concerning NDP technical support.
The information from AECOM concerning NDP technical support and the request for a study relating to (Orcop Hill as a settlement) is suitable or not for new housing development was noted as that they(AECOM) had decided that they are unable to work on this. No further advice was given from the organisation on the matter.
9.2To consider next steps concerning NDP
It was RESOLVED: that a meeting take place during April if possible to discuss the NDP next steps and the way forward for the Parish Council concerning the NDP. The Clerk was asked to contact Kirkwells planning Consultants & Herefordshire Council NDP officer to ask if they can attend.

9.3To consider a date for next NDP meeting
See minutes 9.2
10. Finance
10.1Bank Balance noted as £26851.45
10.It was RESOLVED: to pay for payment
A4 Office Products ltd £41.83+VAT
DC Gardening Services invoice 331/1718 £420.00+VAT
HALC Subscription 2018/19 £335.15 +VAT
HMRC PAYE due £61.20
10.3To appoint HALC as internal auditor for 2017/18
It was RESOLVED: to appoint HALC as the internal auditor fir 2017/18
11.Clerks resignation
11.1To note Clerks letter of resignation.
The Clerk resignation was noted.
11.2To consider advertising of Clerks vacancy and recruitment process.
It was RESOLVED: to appoint HALC to advertise the Clerks vacancy and to take up HALC recruitment service & Clerk cover until a new clerk is appointed
The Parish Council RESOLVED: that they required an experienced, qualified Parish Clerk.
12. Correspondence
All correspondence received has been sent to Cllrs in their agenda packs or emailed as appropriate
12.1To note HALC Information Corner & GDPR compliance required the council
It was RESOLVED: that J Rigler attends HALC training evening11/04/2018 on GDPR
The Clerk advised on changes to the GDPR, which would need to be addressed by the Parish Council, and that the policies required would be sent to Cllrs for consideration at the Annual Parish Council Meeting in May.
13. Matters raised for consideration for placing on the next meeting’s agenda (no discussion)
GDPR- Compliance
14.Date of next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting
Annual Parish Meeting – Wednesday 16th May 2018 7pm followed by The Annual Parish Council Meeting at 7.30pm at Orcop Village Hall