Draft Minutes

Draft Minutes of Orcop Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 15th November2017 held in Orcop Village Hall 7.30pm

Present: Chairman Cllr Ben Thomas, Cllr Richard Watkins, Cllr Jane Rigler, & Cllr Ian Garlick

In attendance Kath Greenow Parish Clerk, Ward Cllr David Harlow

& 8 parishioners

1.Apologies for absence

Vice Chairman Cllr Bob Davies & Cllr Dave Jones

2.To receive declarations of interest and consider dispensation requests on agenda items

None declared

3.To agree and sign the minutes of The Parish Council meeting 20/09/2017

It was RESOLVED: to agree and sign the minutes of The Parish Council meeting 20/09/2017

3.1 To agree and sign the confidential minutes of The Parish Council meeting 20/09/2017

It was RESOLVED: to agree and sign confidential minutes of The Parish Council meeting 20/09/2017

4.To agree and sign the minutes of Extra Ordinary PC Meeting 25/10/2017

It was RESOLVED: to agree and sign of Extra Ordinary PC Meeting 25/10/2017

5.Open Session

5.1To receive views of local residents on parish matters (10minutes)

Parishioners reported that Environmental Health were investigating suspected sewage issues that were causing a foul smell at Copywell. It was reported that this may relate to household sewage treatment systems nearby causing the problem.

knot weed was an ongoing issue in some areas of the parish

5.2 Ward Cllr report

The ward Cllrs report had been circulated to Cllrs and was noted

The ward Cllr had informed the Parish Council that” I have called in’ the application for development (on Newcastle farm site) and I’d hope that we get onto the list of cases for the December planning committee. I heard the strength of opposition to the scheme at the last meeting and it is on this basis that I hope to be considered, I’ll contact the clerk as and when I hear from the planning office.”


6.1To consider work to be carried out by the lengthsman

Complaints had been made to the Parish Clerk concerning the state of the ditches on Wilkes row and that there was silt coming off the fields alongside Wilkes row.

It was RESOLVED: to request that the Clerk contacts the locality officer to inspect the area and advise on what can be done to alleviate the problem of the silt as it is creating drainage issues at Wilkes row.

It was RESOLVED: to request that the lengthsman attends to the clearing out of the ditches in the parish along with the ditch at Wilkes Row and reports back to the PC on work  further ditching work which may be required     Clerk to Action                                                                                                                                                                                                              7.Footpaths

7.1To receive an update on footpaths works carried out and any further work  required

work on the footpaths is ongoing. The stile at OC8 needs attending too and Cllr Garlick said he would attend to it.

The footpaths officer reported that there is a Parish walking group that walk the footpaths regularly and they are helping with reporting footpath issues that need attending to.

8.Road Defects/ Highways issues

8.1To consider road defects/ highways issues to be reported to Balfour Beatty

Cllr Garlick, The Ward Cllr, Cabinet member for Highways and Dave Atkinson Balfour Beatty Steward had visited the areas known as The Turf following complaints of vehicles getting stuck due to the undulating road and its overall condition and unsuitability for large vehicles.

However there seemed to be no overall solution to the problem at present.

The issue of knot weed had been raised again by parishioners. The clerk had reported this to Balfour Beatty several times, and it was for B/B to attend to if it was encroaching onto the highway


9 .1To note planning applications approved/ refused by Herefordshire Council

since last meeting

Planning Permission granted by Herefordshire Council:

172896-Land at The Homelands Orcop -Proposed erection of a dwelling

171197- Burhope Farm Orcop – Proposed extension of existing free-range egg enterprise

10.Neighbourhood Plan

At this point in the meeting the chairman of the NDP steering group informed the Parish Council of his resignation as Chairman of the NDP steering group, which was accepted by the Parish Council

10.1To receive a report on NDP

The Clerk reported on issues that had been raised at the last NDP meeting relating to one of the identified settlements for new housing in the adopted Herefordshire Core Strategy, and that the steering group has concerns about undertaking a call for sites and site assessment process without some independent specialist technical / engineering advice in relation to ground conditions in the area.

The recommendation from Kirkwells was for the Parish Council to apply for technical support to support a study which:

  1. Would consider the existing ground conditions in the area
  2. Would provide recommendations in terms of the suitability and viability of potential sites / areas around the settlement for new housing development based on the constraints in 1.

10.2 To consider necessary actions as required.

It was RESOLVED: that the Clerk contacts locality and applies for technical support as recommended by Kirkwells planning consultants.                                                                                                                          Clerk to Action


11.1To note Bank Balance noted as £31,820.47 of which £8650.00 is NDP Grant

11.2To consider invoices for payment

It was RESOLVED: to pay:

Kirkwells (NDP) £1350.00+VAT £270.00

Pip Printing (Leaflets)£ 39.40

Grant Thornton External Audit fee £100.00+vat£20.00

D.C. Gardening Services Oct invoice 243-1718 £80.00+vat£16.00

D.C. Gardening Services Nov invoice 280-1708 £320.00+vat£64.00

11.3 To note Bacs remittance of 2nd precept payment for 2017/18£4600.00 – Noted

11.4 To note to completion of external audit – Noted

11.5 To consider a date for the Parish Council Finance working group regarding   budget monitoring for 2017/18, and draft budget proposals for 2018/19

It was RESOLVED: that the Clerk liaises with the PC finance working group concerning a date to meet regarding budget monitoring for 2017/18, and draft budget proposals for 2018/19


All correspondence received has been sent to Cllrs in their agenda packs or emailed as appropriate

13.Matters raised for consideration for placing on the next meeting’s agenda (no discussion)

Provision of a Defibrillator in the Parish

14.To note date of next scheduled Parish council meeting – Wednesday 17th January 2018 7.30pm at Orcop Village Hall


A resolution will be passed to exclude the public and press due to a confidential employment matter

A resolution was passed to exclude the public and press due to a confidential employment matter


Discussion took place on employment issues relating to the NDP as raised by the Clerk.



B Thomas Chairman

Orcop Parish Council                                                                                   Date …………………………….