Draft Minutes

Draft Minutes – 20th March 2019


Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 20th March 2019 at 7.30 pm in Orcop Village Hall

Councillors Present … Ben Thomas (Chairman), Ian Garlick, Bob Davies and Jane Rigler, Also in attendance was Ward Councillor David Harlow and nine members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence were received from Richard Watkins and Dave Jones.

2. Declarations of interest & written dispensation requests: There were none.

3. Minutes of the two previous meetings … 23 January 2019 and 13th February 2019.
It was RESOLVED to adopt both sets of minutes as a true record of meetings held and they were signed by the Chairman.

4. Public Forum
4.1 Verbal report from the Ward Councillor … David Harlow had not prepared a report for the meeting. It was suggested that future reports from the Ward Councillor be published on the website.
4.2 Views of local residents on parish matters included:
4.2.1 Residents thanked the Ward Councillor for his support during his time in office.
4.2.2 Repairs to the potholes close to the war memorial had been undertaken promptly.
4.2.3 Request that the minutes be drafted and issued promptly.
4.2.4 Parking outside the telephone box.
4.2.5 Enquired why the trimming of the hedge adjacent to Newcastle Farm had not been undertaken.
4.2.6 Confirmation of the installation of the defibrillator and an enquiry about training. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would contact West Midlands Ambulance Service to ascertain whether training is available.
5. Planning
5.1 No new applications were received from Herefordshire Council.
5.1.1Councillors were, however, invited to note the Appeal Decision 173385 – Land at Newcastle Farm.
5.1.2 – The Parish Council were briefed on the status of Planning Application 190390 – Land at the Trees, Orcop with a decision expected on the 1 April 2019.

6. Finance
6.1 The bank balance as at 20 March 2019 was £23,387.98.
6.2 It was RESOLVED to pay the following invoices in line with budget:
6.2.1 Clerk’s salary in line with their employment contract.
6.2.2 Stationery – £19.32
6.2.3 HALC Annual Subscription – £425.20.
6.2.4 HALC – Cost of Recruiting Clerk – £240.00.

7. Parish Council Elections – The clerk briefed the meeting on the timetable for submitting nomination papers to Herefordshire Council. A resident sought clarification that if a councillor fails to attend a meeting for a period of six months they would be automatically disqualified unless the parish council accepted as legitimate their reasons for the absence. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would check if disqualified councillors have a right to stand in a subsequent election (post meeting note – HALC confirmed that a disqualified councillor is not barred from standing in a subsequent election).
8. Lengthsman – It was RESOLVED that the Chairman would discuss several outstanding tasks with the Lengthsman. It was agreed that there are sufficient monies in the budget to cover the costs of work required for the remainder of 2018/19. There was general discussion about the seepage of effluent at Copywell and it was RESOLVED that the clerk would raise the issue with Environmental Health.
9. Footpaths – The Footpaths Officer (FPO) reported that he had surveyed 60% of the footpaths and would be completing the remaining 40% during the next 4 weeks. He also reported on OC10 where significant work is required to retrieve the footpath. Volunteers would be sought in May/June to assist with the issue of vegetation encroachment on the village footpaths. An instance of blocking off a footpath using electric tape was also raised and it was RESOLVED that the clerk would check on the legality of such action.
10. Highway Issues – There was a general discussion on potholes in the village and the Locality Steward commented that every defect is plotted on a map using GPS – each pothole is subject to a risk assessment. He added that instances of potholes can be reported on the Hereford Council website (www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200196/roads/190/report_problems_on_the_road)
11. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)
11.1 The clerk updated the meeting by advising that Locality had confirmed the village is eligible for technical support for the site assessment process. It was RESOLVED that the clerk would seek a NDP grant from Locality as soon as they begin accepting applications for 2019/20.
11.2 It was agreed that there is an urgent need to hold a NDP meeting and it was RESOLVED that the clerk would check on the availability of the village hall to allow the meeting to take place on the 17th April 2019 immediately after the Parish Meeting which would take place o the same day. It was also RESOLVED that the clerk would publicise, via e-mail, the proposed meeting to those residents who attended that last NDP meeting.
12. Refurbishment (painting) of the War Memorial – It was agreed that any decision to refurbish the war memorial should be deferred to a subsequent meeting.
13. Donation to the British Legion – It was RESOLVED that a donation of £50 would be made to the British Legion.
14. Date of the next meeting and matters for discussion – It was RESOLVED that a programme of future meetings would be established but the next gathering of councillors will be to consider NDP issues on 17th April 2019. Councillor Jane Rigler asked that an update on the OWLS Good Neighbour Scheme should feature on the agenda for the next Parish Council meeting.
15. Information items – none were submitted.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 21.15hrs