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Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

Call for Sites

Orcop Parish Council wishes to announce its Call for Sites for its Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).
We would like to identify land which has potential for new housing up to 2031. Potential sites should be within or adjacent to the settlements of Orcop Hill and Orcop. We particularly welcome proposals for smaller sites (for 1 to 5 dwellings) although larger sites will also be considered. The Parish has a housing requirement of at least 26 new houses over the plan period up to 2031 including existing commitments.

Land must be within our Neighbourhood Area. You can see a plan of the Area on our website. Anyone with land which meets the above description and who would like it to be considered within the Plan is asked to submit an application. Please do so using the Site Submission Form, available on our website and provide a clear site plan with the site boundary marked in red.

This will give us the information we need to make sure your site is properly assessed. Not all sites will be necessary or acceptable.

(  click on the NDP tab  for the site Submission form and Map of NDP Area)

Please email your completed Site Submission Form to: clerk@orcopparishcouncil.org
Or send completed Site Submission Form  via post to:
Mrs Kath Greenow
Parish Clerk
Orcop Parish Council
Hackford House
Dinedor Hereford

If you have a site which has been or is currently the subject of a planning application, we would also like to hear from you so that your site can be assessed and considered along with any other new submitted sites.
The submitted sites will be subjected to a technical assessment and community consultation. We will then consider how best to take the Plan forward in the spring / summer.

Site Submission forms will also be available at The Fountain Inn Orcop and Wormelow Garage.

Closing date for site submissions:

Friday 22nd June 2018 5pm

Cllr Ben Thomas – Chairman – Orcop Parish Council







Orcop NDP Notice Call for Sites

Orcop Parish Council – NDP Site Submission Form








Orcop NDP Working Group Notes 30-08-2017